Sivas Divriği Kaymakamlığı
Sivas Divriği Camii ve Darüşşifası
United Nations Educati Divrigi


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The hospital that adjoins the mosque to the south is known as the Hospital Medresse because it was used as a medresse in the 18th century. In the past, structures that served the purpose hospitals serve today were called şifahane, bimarhane or darüşşifa. The hospital at Divriği is one of the oldest and most important of its kind in Anatolia. In Ottoman times it was also used as a medresse where positive and religious knowledge was taught.

The hospital has a rectangular plan with an east-west orientation in the classic manner of the Central Asian Turks. Built of stone blocks, it has an enclosed courtyard and the west wing has two storeys and three iwans. The main iwan has a star-vault. Barrel vaults, rib vaults, groin vaults, fan vaults and star vaults are used. The courtyard is divided into nine sections by decorated columns and double vaults. The central section is surmounted by an octagonal spire of wrought iron and glass with groin vaults on either side.

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