Sivas Divriği Kaymakamlığı
Sivas Divriği Camii ve Darüşşifası
United Nations Educati Divrigi

Divriği Governorship

Our District Divriği is almost a “museum city” especially with Great Mosque and Hospital, which is within the UNESCO World Heritage List and under protection of the Presidency, along with its 52 registered monumental artifacts and 119 registered civil architecture examples.

On its summit, there are Divriği Castle and Castle Mosque. Across, there is Kesdoğan Castle. On the foothills of the mountain, there are Great Mosque and Hospital, and below there is arasta (historical bazaar). You will see lots of domes, hostelries, Turkish baths, covered bazaars, bridges, fountains, mansions and mosques when you walk on the streets. All these artifacts are reflections of cultural richness and history of our district which dates back thousands of years.

In addition to these historical beauties, there are also natural and geographical beauties such as Cürek Mining City, Tuğut village, Çobandurağı village, Çaltı Canyon, Şeytan Kayalıkları (Devil’s Rocks), Sarıçiçek Plateau, flora and fauna of our district and of course mineral deposits…

Our biggest wish is that this richness, especially Divriği Great Mosque and Hospital, are recognized in our country and all over the world, and that Divriği will become a worldwide tourist attraction.

I invite you to see Divriği, one of the most precious treasures of World Heritage List and an exceptional center of civilization.