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The Great Mosque and Hospital of Divriği

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The complex of the Great Mosque of Divriği consists of the mosque, the hospital and the tomb. It was built during the time of the Megujekid Beylik, which formed part of the Anatolian Seljuk State. The Great Mosque was built by Süleyman Shah’s son, Ahmet Shah, and the hospital was built by his wife Turan Melek Sultan. Construction was begun in 1228 and completed in 1243, and the chief architect was Hürrem Shah, son of Muğis, of Ahlatlı.

The wonderfully creative designs of the decorative sculpture of the portals and columns, reflecting the rare and delicate stonework done by Ahlatlı and his Tblisi craftsmen, have attracted interest and attention throughout the world. Another unique aspect of this monument is that though the decorative sculptures seem symmetrical when viewed from a distance, they are in fact asymmetrical, consisting of tens of thousands of distinct designs, none of which are repeated. Its architectural style and the balanced and harmonious decoration and vaulting have placed it high on the list of the world’s great monuments. Centuries ago Evliya Çelebi expressed his despair at finding words adequate to describe this enchanting monument by saying, “Tongues are mute, pencils are broken.” It has been described by its admirers as “The Miracle of Divriği” and “The Alhambra of Anatolia”. In 1985 it was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and it is also under the legal protection of the office of the President of the Republic of Turkey.

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