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The Tomb

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The tomb of Ahmet Shah, his wife Turan Melek and their family is in the room to the right of the large iwan. The door of tomb is decorated with symbols from Islamic mysticism. One can see the lid of a coffin at the top of the decoration. The decoration depicts hearts being weighed on a scale. The message being delivered is, “You will leave this world just as we did. This world is a place of tests and trials, and you will find your place in the hereafter according to this. Prepare yourselves for that day. There is a scale that will weigh your actions, but you cannot place what you have accumulated in this world on that scale, you can only place on it the contents of your heart. It will weigh whether in this world you chose good or evil, right or wrong, virtue or sin. Those who can balance the scale and turn their hearts towards Allah have no reason to fear death.”

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