Sivas Divriği Kaymakamlığı
Sivas Divriği Camii ve Darüşşifası
United Nations Educati Divrigi


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The large, stone mihrab is reminiscent of the gates of a castle or a palace and is decorated in a unique manner. The large, deep moldings of the mihrab niche accentuate the geometric designs of the portals. Though mostly sedate in appearance, the stonework in the upper section of the mihrab, above eye-level, is three-dimensional. At the bottom there are reversed and empty heart designs, in the middle section there are reversed and full heart designs and at the apex there is a tulip design. All of the hearts above the mihrab are symbolic of relationship to Allah. Those close to Allah are filled with Allah’s Divine Light while those far from Allah are empty. There are four small star-shaped windows in the mihrab’s vault. These windows are masterfully designed to admit the light of the rising sun so that it appears as the morning star.

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